Five Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring

Five Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring

Just a decade or two ago, carpet was still all the rage in homes across the country, and you can even still find it in many older homes. Today, carpet is still very much considered a regular fixture of the modern house, but its use has since been limited to bedrooms and the occasional hallway. Wood, laminate, and tile now rule the flooring market, and with good reason because they look spectacular and are far more versatile in terms of style, price, and lifespan. In recent years, the flooring industry has seen an increase in laminate sales, and this has more than a little to do with the many advantages offered by this beautiful, long lasting material.

The Importance of Durability

Over time, carpet has not been able to stand up to the regular comings and goings of an active family, especially if children and pets live in the home. Spills, rips, pet accidents, and more will slowly accumulate until a carpet no longer looks, or worse, smells, as good as they day of installation, and paying professional cleaners to get looking great again will quickly get expensive. Laminate, on the other hand, can stand up to years of running, scraping, spilling, and more without showing any serious signs of wear and tear, leaving you with greater savings over time and effectively eliminating the need for a hired cleaning crew.

Laminate flooring is next to impossible to dent or scratch the same way wood flooring might over time, making it the perfect choice for any active household or homeowner looking to enjoy a longer flooring lifecycle. This flooring product is built in layers, and the top layer is a wear or protective layer built to give it a unique level of durability matched by very few other options. In addition, most manufacturers offer a 25 to 30 year warranty on the finish, and contractors who install the flooring, such as Floors 4 Less in Rockwall, TX, often add an additional two or more year warranty on the labor itself.

Cleaning at Its Simplest

Unlike carpeting, which will require constant vacuuming and the occasional deep clean, laminate flooring is cleaned with little more than the passing of a broom. For any stickier messes, a simple mopping is in order, and you never need to worry about spilled liquids setting in and causing mold and odors to develop over time. A good vacuum or vacuuming robot will quickly take care of the mess with even less effort, leaving you with more time in your day for other tasks.

Better Moisture Control than Carpet

Carpet is likely to buckle, mold, or develop mildew if wet, but laminate will fare much better when faced with any type of liquid. Though not quite as waterproof as porcelain tiles, it can easily stand up to rooms which have moderate moisture levels such as your kitchen and powder room. Only standing water may cause a problem with your laminate flooring, and so it may not be the best choice for you if you have a room with consistent leaking problems.

A Cheaper Option Without a Quality Drop

Compared to other bare flooring options, laminate flooring will prove to be one of the most affordable on the market, but this will not come with any significant drop in quality. Add its consistently lower pricing margins and its long lifespan, and you have a flooring option perfect for any active household and nearly any environment. In addition, laminate flooring may be made to mimic many costlier options, effectively allowing you to get the best look for the best price and a lot less headache in the end.

Constantly Improved Upon

Laminate flooring in Rockwall, TX is available right now in styles and colors suited to any personal preferences, and one of the best benefits associated with it is the speed with which it is improved over time. Modern laminate options may come with a protective wear layers which resist slipping, and while the flooring is considered a hard floor covering, it is one of the softest options in the market. This will make it much better to bear underfoot over time, making it an effective choice for a wide variety of environments.

As laminate improves over time and continues to remain one of the most cost-effective options on the market, there are more than a few great reasons to consider this for your next renovation project. Flooring contractors such as Floors 4 Less also offer exceptional specials, such as the special currently being run for any projects including material and labor. For this month and next month, these jobs will not include sales tax, allowing you to save still more as you ready to make a positive improvement to your home.